5 AI Fixer Comparison – What Websites Can Fix AI Text and Do They Work?

With the growing use of AI-powered content, organizations and institutes are actively using an AI Checker to detect AI-based content. Owing to that, the use of AI fixer/rewriter tools is also skyrocketing. So, the question is whether AI fixer websites can actually fix AI text.

With this question in mind, we are going to do a thorough comparison of 5 AI fixer websites and evaluate their effectiveness. Let’s get started!

Easy AI Checker – AI Content Detector & Fixer

The first website we will talk about is Easy AI Checker. It got our attention because it provides two main functionalities simultaneously, i.e., it can detect the AI content from the text and instantly fix the AI content to remove plagiarism.

Normally, you need two separate tools. The first tool is for checking AI content, and the second tool is for rewriting AI content. However, we are getting both of these capabilities in one place with Easy AI Checker.

To test the AI fixing feature of Easy AI Checker, we used a sample blog post and asked it first to detect AI content.

It provided 100% AI content probability, which was pretty accurate considering that the sample blog was written entirely using ChatGPT. Next, we pressed the “Fix AI Patterns” button a few times until it fixed the AI content entirely and turned it into 100% human-like text.

So, a few simple clicks with Easy AI Checker let us get fixed content proficiently and autonomously. That’s really impressive! In one web page, we are able to detect AI content and get it fixed simultaneously.


  • All-in-one tool to detect and fix AI simultaneously
  • 3 ways to input text, i.e., copy-paste, file upload, and URL
  • Ultra-fast and easy-to-use
  • Generate a PDF report of the scan
  • 6,000 words free per day


  • May require using the “Fix AI Patterns” option multiple times to remove all AI contents


  • 3,000 words free per day (Not logged in)
  • 6,000 words free per day (Logged in)
  • 20,000 words for $12 (Pay as you go)
  • 100,000 words $12/month
  • 1,000,000 words for $100/month

Smodin – AI Detector and Remover

Smodin is another feature-rich tool to detect and paraphrase AI content. However, you have to first use its AI detector to detect AI content and then its AI remover to remove AI content. So, the process is a bit time-consuming, and you have to work within its word limits, i.e., a maximum of 5,000 characters for AI content and 1000 characters for AI removal.

We first used its AI detector to pinpoint the AI content in our sample blog and got the below results:

It showed 95.8% AI probability and detected some AI texts as human-like texts. Afterward, we copied its highlighted AI text and used its AI remover to fix it.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

It did rewrite the text pretty well, almost eradicating the AI content probability. So, the only downside is the time Smodin takes to first detect AI content and then gradually fix the content using its AI remover.


  • Built-in AI detector and remover
  • Support file upload


  • Separate AI detection and removal tools
  • Less accurate AI detection
  • Time-consuming process
  • Limited characters per text


  • Free – 1000 characters per text & 5 daily entries for rewrites
  • $10/month – Unlimited rewrites with 1000 characters per text
  • $29/month – Unlimited rewrites with 12,000 characters per text

SEOMagnifier: AI Paragraph Rewriter

SEOMagnifier is an AI paragraph rewriter tool that can provide AI-powered rewriting of specific text, paragraphs, or whole documents. However, it does not allow you to detect AI content before rewriting. For that, you have to use another tool to detect AI content and then use it to rewrite those AI plagiarized content.

To test its capabilities, we asked it to write the sample blog as a whole and got the below results:

SEOMagnifier colored the rewritten phrases. Moreover, it even allows us to choose alternative synonyms for rewritten words. In short, SEOMagnifier requires a bit of manual effort to customize the rewritten text but is resourceful in rewriting AI content.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast rewriting
  • Customize the rewritten text with selective synonyms


  • No AI content detection capabilities
  • Some rewritten sentences do not make sense


  • Free tool

AI Article Spinner

As the name implies, AI Article Spinner is a rewriter/spinner tool that can spin the provided text. Just like SEOMagnifier, it is not able to detect AI content. So, you can only use it to rewrite AI content. Besides that, it can only rewrite up to 5000 characters for free, while its “AI Robot” paraphrasing level requires a premium subscription.

To test its AI content-fixing capabilities, we used the same sample blog post and got the below results:

Although AI Article Spinner did spin words, the rewriting quality does not look promising. It is like a basic-level rewriting, as the goal seems to promote its premium subscription.


  • Easy to use


  • No AI content detection capabilities
  • Basic level rewriting in the free plan
  • Only 5000 characters for free


  • Free – 5000 characters
  • $10/month – unlimited words


Stealthwriter is a dedicated website to rewrite AI content into human-like text. Its rewriting capabilities are meant to make your content bypass most of the AI detectors. Its “Ghost” mode provides advanced rewriting capabilities but requires a costly subscription. Moreover, it also includes a built-in AI detector, but again requires a subscription. Besides that, it can only rewrite 300 words per text in the free plan.

We reduced the word count of our sample blog to 300 words and let Stealthwriter rewrite the text.

By comparing the original and rewritten text, we could see the difference. It tried to make the text sound more human-toned and bypass AI detectors. However, the rewritten text needed some manual adjustments to make it better quality-wise.


  • Easy to use
  • Turn text into human-like tone
  • Three modes of rewriting: basic, medium, and aggressive
  • Chrome extension


  • No AI content detection capabilities in the free plan
  • 300 words per text in free plan
  • Costly paid plans


  • Free – 300 words
  • $20/month – 400 words per text, Ghost model (20,000 words/month)
  • $35/month – 1000 words per text, Ghost model (50,000 words/month)
  • $50/month – 2000 words per text, Ghost model (100,000 words/month)

Wrapping Up – AI Fixer Can Fix But Need You to Be Smart

After conducting tests on different AI fixer websites and looking at their features, we can conclude that they can help fix AI content. All it requires is that you use the right tool to rewrite AI content efficiently and turn it into realistic, human-like text.

Out of all the above tools/websites, Easy AI Checker seems the best choice. It incorporates AI content detection and fixing features in one central place, making it really quick to detect and remove AI content instantly. Moreover, it allows 6,000 words per day of detection/fixing for free, which is enough for most users to freely use the tool for their day-to-day use.