6 Benefits of Using DejaOffice CRM for Your Small Business

Did you know the global customer relationship management (CRM) market may reach $88.19 billion this year?

While large enterprises use CRM software, small businesses can benefit as well. Leveraging the right solution can help your small business understand your target demographic, improve and speed up communication, and boost customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Those are advantages businesses of all sizes can benefit from. So, whether you’re a one-person small business or in the marketing department at a big company, CRM is a must-have.

A CRM solution is as necessary to your workers as a mantel is to a fireplace, a horse is to a buggy, or a chocolate cookie is to a cup of milk.

Here are six reasons DejaOffice CRM is the way to go if your small business lacks a CRM tool.

1. Consider the Features

One reason to consider DejaOffice is the list of features. For instance, you can color-code your schedule and lists. Doing so will simplify managing tasks on your to-do list.

Do you sometimes miss essential appointments? That’ll be a thing of the past with DejaOffice’s persistent alarms feature. You can set the alarm for appointment notifications. You can also use a completion feature to highlight meetings and tasks for each contact entered in the CRM solution.

2. Consider the Apps

You also need a CRM tool with apps that help your employees do their work faster and more efficiently for better productivity. With DejaOffice, your business will get a contacts app for calling, texting, mapping, and navigating. There’s also a calendar app your workers can use for scheduling and reminders. Other apps include a tasks app and a notes app to create, prioritize, and check off tasks. Workers can also write and store notes for themselves.

3. Consider the Benefits

Your employees will get many benefits from using DejaOffice. For instance, they can use the software with Getting Things Done, Franklin Convey, eProductivity, and MYOB.

This level of integration will allow your staff members to work smarter rather than harder.

DejaOffice also includes templates so your workers can automate data entry tasks with templates for appointments, tasks, and contacts.

4. Consider Ease of Use

A CRM with a high learning curve might encounter employee resistance. And if workers give up in frustration or find it easier to do things manually, your CRM investment will be for naught. It should be intuitive and easy to use so that your workers spend more time using it to serve customers and less time figuring out how to use it.

DejaOffice is a solution based on SQLite. In case you didn’t know, SQLite is an industry-standard small and fast multi-user SQL server. It also automatically deploys on your company’s server, allowing multi-user configurations.

5. Consider Local Data

DejaOffice is also a good option to safeguard your local data. The software is secure since your company’s master database is stored on your workers’ computers rather than in the cloud. It also includes automatic backups so that nothing gets lost.

6. Consider Migration

Another reason to get DejaOffice is the migration capabilities. For instance, the built-in import means the software will import from Outlook, Business, Contact Manager, Salesforce, Monday, and more. It also features CSV file support so that workers can import and export CSV files.

Whether your employees work from the company office or at their home offices, a solution like DejaOffice can help. The right CRM will be a game-changer for your small business since it’ll transform how your workers service customers.

Greater efficiency will lead to more productivity, which will positively impact the corporate bottom line.