3 Types of Businesses That Need CRM Apps to Succeed

One of the most memorable slogans in the tech space is Apple’s “there’s an app for that.” The juggernaut trademarked the buzz-worthy phrase — and for good reason. It works.

Depending on the line of business you’re in, there’ll be some apps that can help you and your employees work smarter rather than harder. The right apps can help automate processes and procedures and help your workers be more efficient and productive.

Customers are the lifeblood of any company — no matter the industry. That’s one reason a good customer relationship management (CRM) app is a must for companies serving clients. With the right CRM, your business can learn more about customers, provide a higher level of service to keep customers coming back, better handle complaints and answer queries, and provide better and faster communication. But which types of businesses can be best served with a CRM tool?

The reality is virtually any business in any business space can benefit from a CRM tool.

Here’s a look at three lines of business that can benefit from using CRM apps.

1. Law Firms

Law firms can use CRM software to handle business development functions like customer intake, revenue tracking, client scheduling, and more. When people contact lawyers for help with legal matters, they want to deal with responsive lawyers who get back to them quickly.

Lawyers who use CRM apps can ensure that nothing falls between the cracks so that clients receive prompt service. Lawyers can easily find the status of every client, ensure prompt communication, and create tasks to follow up with case updates and new developments.

2. Realtors

Realtors can also ge a lot out of CRM apps. From helping clients buy and sell homes to setting up open houses and home showings, realtors can up their game and better meet the needs of clients with the right CRM solution.

When people hire realtors, they want the experience of a real estate professional who has their finger on the pulse of the market. So, real estate agents who have the right solutions will better be able to meet the needs of their clients. That’s important since referrals are vital in this and other customer service-focused industries.

3. Retail and eCommerce

People in the retail and e-Commerce spaces also need CRM software to better serve their customers. It’s about effectively and efficiently communicating with customers. Whether people want to ask about products, request help with orders, seek assistance if displeased, or need help with other things, your workers will better be able to provide customer care with a CRM app.

It’ll be easier to learn more about your customers, find out the status of their queries, and follow up promptly. Customers won’t stick around if they don’t appreciate the service. In fact, all it takes is one bad service experience for some customers to look elsewhere. So, it makes sense to prioritize providing great customer service to keep existing customers and find new customers. Equipping your employees with the right apps will ensure they can better serve customers.

These are some industries that can benefit by using tools like CRM apps. Providing great customer service isn’t just a value-added feature. It’s a must-have in an age where customers know they have options and won’t continue patronizing companies that don’t offer great customer service. A CRM app will help virtually any company in any line of business manage and nurture the company-customer relationship so that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

When it comes to CRM, there’s an app for that. It’s in the best interests of your workers, business, and customers to find the right one.