Interesting Career Ideas To Help You Choose What You Want To Be

Chances are, when you were in school and had to write a paper on what you wanted to be when you grew up, your teacher probably thought it was cute that you said a firefighter or president. With the job market as it is today, finding a good job is incredibly difficult. Here are some interesting ideas.

1. A Bus or Truck Driver

These professionals work with different companies, driving all sorts of equipment. A few of the most common vehicles driven are garbage trucks, school buses, semi-trucks/ 18 wheelers, and tour buses. You can even get training for this kind of job, like with Miro Training which makes it easier for you. You can do individual lessons 6 days a week or a one-day course. 

A bus or truck driver is a great idea for anyone who wants to have their own hours and make their own schedule. It is first necessary to pass your driving test, and you can schedule an earlier test by searching online for driving test cancellations.

There are lots of driver vacancies not only in the US, but also abroad, and if you are interested in finding driver jobs abroad – try Jooble.

2. A Paramedic or EMT

If you’ve ever wanted to save peoples’ lives but don’t want the stress of being an emergency room doctor, this is definitely the job for you! People who become paramedics help people in emergency situations until they can get them to the hospital, where doctors will take care of them. You must be physically fit (running upstairs or lifting patients) and mentally capable (thinking clearly in high-pressure situations).

3. A Firefighter   

This is another job that will require people to be physically fit (carrying hoses, dragging people out of fires, etc.). It requires quick thinking and the knowledge of how to operate complex machinery like firetrucks/engines, ladders, ropes that work with pulleys; all while wearing thick protective gear. These are also extremely important jobs in times of crisis- when people need help fast!

4. A Model    

We all know what a model looks like: tall and thin with perfect skin and teeth, along with no hair or eye color flaws. In this day in age, there are different types of models out there too: commercial models for department stores and the like, runway models for fashion designers/shows, photo models that are shot by professional photographers, and promotional models.

5. A TV or Radio Personality.

These are the people talking to you when you’re in your car or at home watching television. They work for main sources of media such as radio stations and televised networks. A good voice along with charisma is important to succeed in this job, but most importantly: a love and passion for it!

6. A Chef    

Everyone loves food, right? Who doesn’t want to get paid to do something they love? Chefs prepare all sorts of food, from appetizers to desserts- even specialty ethnic dishes! They must be creative and come up with new recipes while keeping in mind budgets and food costs. Being a chef is definitely not an easy job; but if you love what you do, it’ll be worth it!

7. A Writer

Writers are extremely important in this world because without them who would tell us stories to teach lessons or educate others? They are often found working for newspapers, magazines, television shows, movies, etc. A good writer must also have excellent grammar skills, as well as creativity and imagination!      

So there you have it! These are just a few interesting career ideas I came up with- but feel free to add more ideas in the comments section if you’ve got any great ones! Today’s world is constantly changing; which means tomorrow’s jobs could possibly make your list too!