How To Make A Teleseminar: A Comprehensive Guide

Back then, people working in sales had to travel the world to market their products. But with the steady rise of technology, the ways of sales evolved with time too.

Introducing the teleseminar.

A teleseminar is like a webinar presentation minus the visuals. It’s a seminar that takes place via teleconference or phone. Teleseminars eliminate the need to organize live events, which could cost a lot of money. It shares the same goals as webinar presentations—to gain more clients.

Read on to learn the benefits of teleseminars and how to create a successful piece.

Why Teleseminars Are Beneficial

Teleseminars may seem ordinary to some, but it’s an extraordinary opportunity that you can use to reach out to a large audience. It helps you establish your reputation in your field and increase revenue for your business.

Unlike a traditional seminar or a live event, a teleseminar presentation can be conducted from the comfort of your home. It’s more cost-effective since you only need a fast internet connection and your trusty equipment. There’s no limit to the number of people you can reach. The Internet makes it possible to reach people through teleseminars worldwide.

These are some of the benefits of teleseminars:

1. It builds your list of prospective clients.

You may have your own list of clients, but the teleseminar adds more emails you can send marketing and sales materials too. Send valuable content to these people in exchange for their email addresses. You’ll get your much-needed email, and it also helps you identify their pain points that you can address in future teleseminars.

2. You can turn it into a product.

A recorded version of your teleseminar is sellable for a certain price. Make it a bundle together with a PDF file of the transcribed teleseminar, or sell it alone. You can even make it a part of online training programs, or group coaching calls that you might want to create. Turning your teleseminar into a product helps in generating leads that might turn into sales for your business.

3. It drives traffic to your website.

When you promote your teleseminar on social media, people will end up clicking the link that leads to your website. And once they’re on your website, your copy determines if they sign up or not. Craft a compelling copy that incites people to take action.

The Keys to Creating a Successful Teleseminar

Let’s explore the tactics that can make your teleseminar a success:

1. Compelling content

Research your content well and draft it in a paper. Share valuable information with your potential clients. Get examples from case studies to support your content. Incorporate real-life examples to give more substance and paint a bigger picture of the content.

Keep your writing short, simple, direct, entertaining, and concise. Stick to a certain tone when writing content so it resonates with the public while providing actionable solutions.

Making your content evergreen is important, so you can still profit from it for years and decades. Avoid putting dates on your presentation. Stay away from creating content about current events and famous people like celebrities and politicians. Timeless content allows you to use your creations over and over again.

2. Enhance the teleseminar experience with technology

Don’t just settle for an ordinary teleseminar—make the experience special for your attendees!

Use technology to your advantage to provide a better teleseminar experience. Find a conferencing software that can cater to the following needs:

  • Moderator controls: This helps you introduce professional speakers who are guesting in the teleseminar.
  • Text chat: This is for the participants who want to ask questions during or after the teleseminar.
  • Recording capabilities: Recording is an important part of teleseminars. You can record your teleseminar for on-demand streaming even after the event has ended.
  • International dial-in numbers: This feature lets you call anyone from around the world.

3. Craft enticing Call-to-Action statements

Short but sweet—that’s how a call-to-action statement should be. This is your weapon for urging your participants to take action after your instant teleseminar. It could be anything—going to a landing page and signing up for monthly newsletters or availing the product you’ve been promoting.

Highlight what participants can get from taking action after the event. Create and nurture a sense of urgency in them to get more clicks.

4. Do a follow-up

Nurture your leads after the event has wrapped up. Thank them via email, send additional resources, and offer discounts. Gaining and building their trust is crucial in keeping long-term relationships in business. You’re also establishing yourself as a trusted authority in your niche.


Creating a teleseminar allows you to gain clients and increase your business’s revenue without traveling far and wide. Although it’s done by phone, it’s an excellent way to promote products and services in a one-on-one or a multiple-participant setting. Get the results you want by crafting compelling content and call-to-action statements and delivering them to the other end with confidence.