Pros of Using Online Assessment Platforms

The online assessment is the execution of an electronic assessment or examination to assess the academic success of the student. These evaluations have traditionally been done orally or by written tests using pen and paper. Students meet in an exam hall or room where students are given a question paper and students are expected to write answers within the allotted period. These questions are not traditionally used to guarantee that all candidates are judged equally

How Can A Small Stack Player Win Big?

Every poker player is looking to win big in poker and wants to learn some effective strategies that help him in achieving his goal. When a player has a small stack, the chances of using some popular poker strategies just narrow down. For that, one doesn’t want to flip some poker books, videos, and articles on the internet to maximize the chances of winning. Short stack poker works perfectly for such players and many online casinos offer it. Short stack poker strategy is very easy to learn and can prove effective in winning big or small stack players.