Manage your Contacts and Calendar with DejaOffice PC Free CRM - Complete sync system to Android and iPhone.

Free CRM with Android and iPhone Sync

Free for personal use. No Cloud required! No monthly payments! A fast and easy Free CRM for your PC and Mobile Phone

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To use DejaOffice for Free, download the trial for our paid product. When prompted to register, it will ask ifyou want to use the free version. Click Yes.

Restrictions for Free use

  1. Tech support by email and forums - no Telephone Tech Support
  2. Personal use only - no company (staff member) use
  3. Sync to Mobile only, not Outlook or Act!
  4. DejaCloud Sync is free for up to 500 records.

To get telephone technical support, or for business use, you can purchase a full license for as low as $49.95

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DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone
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Free 14 day trial. Price $49.95

What is DejaOffice?

Use DejaOffice Free CRM to track your Personal Contacts from your PC and your Mobile Phone. With DejaOffice you can easily track all calls, meetings, tasks, emails and text with your customers, vendors, and associates.

On Premise CRM

DejaOffice stores your main database on your PC and on your Phone. Although sync can be done using DejaCloud, the primary database is on your device. This is not a Cloud based solution.

Free for Personal use. Low cost to Buy

Your license purchase means that you own the software. Updates are free for that version of the software. It may come to pass that we make a new version with additional features, but for your version all bug fixes and feature updates are provided without charge. Of course, some people like subscription pricing which is why we have a subscription option.

Features of DejaOffice

  1. Contacts, Calendar, Task and Notes
  2. Sync to DejaOffice on Android and iPhone using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DejaCloud
  3. Does not require any Cloud, iCloud, or Exchange connection
  4. Runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10
  5. Category colors for every record - Color code your life, Green for money, Orange for family, Yellow for opportunity
  6. Calendar Emojis - Your calendar should make you smile! Add smilies and puppies
  7. Print Labels, Lists and Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does this work with DejaOffice on my Phone. – DPC has built in sync to DejaOffice on Android and iPhone. You can use USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or DejaCloud sync. DejaCloud is free for up to 500 records.

Q. Does this replace CompanionLink for me? – If you use CompanionLink for Outlook, Palm Desktop or Act! and you switch to DejaOffice Free CRM instead, then this product effectively replaces CompanionLink for you.

Q. Can this Import from Palm Desktop, Outlook or Google? – The initial trial will allow you 14 days to import from other data sources. Once registered as DejaOffice Free CRM you will be limited to DejaOffice Sync from PC to Phone only, not sync to other data sources. You can, however, freely import and export data to DejaOffice Free CRM

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