Google Calendar Desktop App for your PC - Use Google Offline Mode with any type of Google Account. Update your Google Calendar without opening your browser. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks. Free US Based Telephone Tech Support! Buy risk-free with full money-back guarantee!

Google Calendar Offline Mode App for your Windows PC

Pin Google Calendar, Gmail Contacts, and Google Tasks to your PC Desktop for fast and easy updates that sync automatically to your Android and iPhone

Sync PC with Android - Week View

Google Calendar Offline App

Manage Google Calendar and GMail contacts from your PC Desktop without ever opening your browser! DejaOffice gives you live Widgets for your PC Desktop. See your schedule - live. See any changes as they happen. Easily schedule other people, which they can see in the Google App on their phone.

Google Calendar Offline Mode

Now you can Schedule events, add contacts, create tasks from your PC Desktop without ever opening your browser. Automatic sync to Google, Android and iPhone.

Pinned windows feature puts a Google Calendar Gadget on your Windows PC Desktop. Works with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Pin your Calendar to give instant access to your schedule and make updates to it. Pin your Contact list to search your Gmail Contacts quickly to find phone numbers or make notes.


Today we're going to show you how to use DejaOffice CRM to manage Google contacts, calendar, and tasks directly from your PC. And we'll also show you some of the features that are included in DejaOffice CRM for Google.

I'm starting with all my data in Google, as you can see in my browser.

I'm going to download DejaOffce CRM for Google using the link below.

Once downloaded, I'll run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install DejaOffce CRM on my computer.

The first time I run DejaOffice CRM I'll get a setup wizard. I'll just accept the standard options that it gives me, and, as I go through the wizard, Google will display a request for permission to access its data, which is what you're seeing here. I'll click on Allow, and then I'll click OK. And I'll click Yes, when it asks if I'm ready to begin synchronizing.

The sync completes within a few seconds, and I have all my Google data now on my desktop.

I don't want to have to open DejaOffice every time I need to use my calendar, so I'm going to pin a Windows Calendar Widget to my desktop using the pushpin icon. With the widget, I can make and edit events directly from my pinned calendar on my Windows desktop.

DejaOffice will monitor Google for changes in the background, so that any changes I make to Google will automatically get pushed to DejaOffice, and any changes I make in DejaOffice will get automatically pushed to Google.

Let's bring my iPhone up here and I'll show you. My iPhone is connected to my Google account, so it has all the same data as DejaOffice.

And since they're both connected through Google, that means that they'll stay in sync with each other. For example, I can schedule an appointment in DejaOffice CRM directly from my calendar widget. We'll call it "Meeting with Ben" for, say, 5 PM. DejaOffice will automatically push the appointment up to Google, and then to my iPhone.

Features of DejaOffice PC CRM?

  1. Use Google in Offline Mode
  2. Works with all types of Google Account
  3. Pin your Calendar to your PC Wallpaper
  4. Show Holidays and Birthdays on your PC
  5. 90-day money back guarantee

Portable License

Our competitors lock their license to your computer. So when you buy a new computer, you need to buy a new license. With CompanionLink you simply register the software on a new computer using your email address.

US based company

CompanionLink is located in Portland, Oregon. Our servers are based in New Jersey to take advantage of proximity to the East Coast, and the transatlantic cables to Europe. Our servers are high technology and really fast!

RunStart and Premium Support

With CompanionLink you can call us at (503)243-5200 for support, Monday through Friday, 7am-3:30pm Pacific Time. For those with special needs, use our RunStart Service gives you a one-time hands on session with a top tier technician. Our technician will log into your computer, set up the sync, and ensure you are completely satisified with the solution. If you want this service regularly, use Premium Support for a full year and up to five service tickets.

Google data loaded into DejaOffice Google Widgets

  • Google Calendar
    • Google Calendar syncs to DejaCalendar
    • Day, Week, Month and Year views
    • Recurring and all-day events
    • Alarms/reminders
  • Google Contacts
    • Gmail Contacts sync to DejaContacts
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses
    • Contact notes
    • Birthdays
  • Google Tasks
    • Google Tasks sync to DejaTasks
    • Task priorities
    • Due dates
    • Supports Getting Things Done, Franklin Covey, and Take Back Your Life formats
DejaOffice PC CRM for Google
Average User Rating:
Average rating: 4.83 out of 5 based on 71 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $69.95
on Oct 18, 2022
Super service Great Product
By Chris C
on Feb 14, 2022
Used ACT for 15 years and was being forced into subscription model that I didn't want. Sales rep Wayland showed me Deja CRM and it was the perfect alternative and met all my CRM needs and I could host it locally for a one time flat fee. I have used Deja Office and Companionlink for years so it was a natural transition. The best customer support in the industry! 5 stars!
A very reliable product
By Mike S
on Feb 7, 2022
Have been using CRM products for nearly 30 years and now, being retired, still need a contact & diary system which will synchronise my PC, phone and tablet reliably. Déjà Office does that admirably.
The only time I have needed technical help was at the initial start-up and conversion from ACT. With the help of Tech Support this was done almost entirely by email and worked out well.
The only new facility I would appreciate is an optional two-stage alarm on a single diary entry, the timing between them to be adjusted. This is to make up for the failing memory of a retired salesman!
tech support Companion standalone
By Janet N
on Nov 18, 2021
Tiffany was fantastic. Took long time to identify and fix problem but Tiffany did it! Even called me back next day to be sure it worked.
I appreciate and recommend Companion Link to everyone because of the tech support! Tiffany is among the best of the best.
Fantastic upgrade
By Curt B
on Oct 15, 2021
I've been using Palm Desktop on my PC and DejaOffice on my android phone for many years with great success. It worked so well I've been hesitant to mess with it by trying anything new, but recently I downloaded a 10 day trial of DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone. I'm so glad I did because CRM still has all the features Palm Desktop had and many new features, plus it's much easier to use. Syncing with my phone, sharing the database with multiple PC's, one click to bring an address up on google maps, display and sorting options are all improved or new features I like. I had a few questions and the customer service was outstanding. I'm happy as a clam! I highly recommend this product.
Sehr gute Software
By Michael Schröder
on Aug 28, 2021
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Programm. Der Kauf hat sich gelohnt.

I am very satisfied with the program. It was worth the purchase.

What makes our software unique

  • Free US-based telephone support
  • Full support for Categories and colors
  • Supports contacts, calendar, tasks
  • Works with Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Full contact notes, contact pictures, alarms
  • Automatic data encryption

Using Pinned Windows for Google Calendar Offline Mode

DejaOffice PC CRM offers a feature we call Pinned Windows. A pinned window is a live widget fo your PC Desktop.

You can Pin a Calendar, Contact List, Task List and Memo List. The Widgets are live and allow you to schedule a new event, update an event, or make a task without opening DejaOffice or Outlook.

Scheduling Multiple People in Google Calendar Offline Mode

DejaOffice PC CRM for Google allows you to schedule multiple people's shared Google Calendars from your Windows PC Desktop.

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