How DejaOffice Compares to Native iPhone

The following is a look at of some of the Native iPhone Apps’ features and how DejaOffice Compares.


Even with a quick glance the amount of information displayed by DejaOffice over the Contacts app is apparent. The DejaContacts give detailed information about your contacts without even opening the individual contact.

While the Contacts app only offers a single list view and no sorting or grouping options, the DejaContacts can be sorted by First Name, Last Name, Company, Category, City, City and Zip, File As, or even a Custom Field. Grouping options include, Company, Category, City, City and Zip.

iPhone Native Contacts
DejaOffice Contacts


Currently the Apple Calendar App only supports three views: Day, Month and Agenda (List). With the DejaOffice app you get six views: Day, Week, Work-Week, Month, Year, and Agenda (List).

DejaCalendar supports advanced recurrence patterns, categorization and quick editing of events. Further options for filtering and view settings can be found in the DejaCalendar Settings to display your data just the way you like it.

iPhone Native Calendar
DejaOffice Calendar


Unlike the Reminders App, DejaOffice offers full support for your Outlook Tasks, including Priorities, Status, Completion Percentage, and more. As with all other data synced to DejaOffice, Tasks can be sorted and grouped by several fields. DejaTasks support multiple Priority Styles including the Franklin style.

iPhone Reminders
DejaOffice Tasks


The DejaOffice app supports the standalone notes portion of Outlook. Contact and Calendar notes will sync within the associated Contact or Event. As with all other data in DejaOffice, there are several Sorting and Grouping options for your Notes. While Apple does have a Native Notes app, this does not sync to anywhere but iCloud. iCloud does not support syncing these notes to Outlook.

DejaOffice Notes

Sync Options

Currently the Native Apple apps only offer a sync via iCloud which does not support the level of information you get with DejaOffice.

Not only does DejaOffice allow for smooth synchronization of the DejaContacts, DejaCalendar, and DejaTasks to the “Native” Apple Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders apps, but when the data is accessed within DejaOffice, the information is not limited to the fields and settings Apple offers.